Infant Lecture 9

Infant Lecture 9 - Infant Lecture 9 February 19, 2007 Exam...

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Infant Lecture 9 February 19, 2007 Exam is chapters 1-5 Infancy : -Birth to 2yrs up until child is walking and talking…. -Neonatal period – first 28 days -Toddler hood- first start walking they toddle because they don’t have lower limb strength [they develop later than upper body], period during infancy where walking is attempted but its not quite smooth -Early Childhood- ages 2-5 years -Middle Childhood- 5 years to puberty -Adulthood- Puberty onward - physical, cognitive, social/emotional - Gross motor skills in infancy In first month [up till one month] the child can moves its head back and forth is laying on back Head side to side lift -lay on back: Supine [back down] Prone [face down]< danger for kids -children who never Prone develop motor skills more slowly - they crawl, reach, walk later…. -child can rotate head side to side in first month Up to month 1 and 2- child can lift head up off bed almost 45 degrees In 3 rd month- they can raise head and shoulders when on stomach about 45-90 degrees It gives child different perspective of the world, they can survey their environment In the 4 th month they can raise head, shoulders and chest up off the ground -they are starting to use their arms In the 6 th month- they can lift up their head when you put them in the sitting position Arms 1 st month-their hands stay clenched, they aren’t doing much with their arms in the first month They do have the Palmar reflex (automotive response) [grasp anything put into palms] In 2 nd month- this grasp reflex begins to decrease In the 3 rd month the child can put weight on forearms when it lifts up head and shoulders In the 4 th month the child begins to explore own hands -Marked Change In Cognitive Abilities- In the 5 th month they voluntarily grasp an object with their hands [not a reflex] but they
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Infant Lecture 9 - Infant Lecture 9 February 19, 2007 Exam...

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