Infant Lecture 11

Infant Lecture 11 - Infant Lecture 11 February 26, 2007...

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Infant Lecture 11 February 26, 2007 Continue with Chapter 6… Development of Object Permanence - neonates-acuity is very poor, peripheral vision is very narrow, once removed from visual field they no longer look for the object, they lack a sense of objects existence independent of objects presence - 2 month – will show surprise if they expect to see something behind a screen, they have some representation that object must continue to exist - 6 month- attempt to retrieve partly hidden object, - 8 month- retrieve object completely hidden, they’ll attempt to find the object, they’ll remove the cover, they look smart but kind of still dumb…. A not B error – keep choosing the place they found it not place they see you put it - 12 month- no longer A not B, they stop being tracked by the error, probably remembering what they did, rather than where you placed it. How to test Cognitive Development when motor skills are underdeveloped? Condition skills through classical conditioning…. . Sucking rate- sound track continues to sound [child learns how to perform particular task and regulate its frequency to get a preferred outcome]; so memories of some type are forming Leg kicks- Karen- if ribbon attached to leg and attached to mobile, if infant is kicking legs and associates with movement of leg kicks, but once kid learns to rollover then stop to collecting date Arm pull- pincer stops- does it with arm pulls, child will sit in car seat to get base rate then child will learn that songs and pictures come on for 2 seconds and child begins to pull with correct arm more, but once they get a pincer grasp they learn to take it off ~~so once child is out of developmental period you loose way to measure it in that way
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Infant Lecture 11 - Infant Lecture 11 February 26, 2007...

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