Infant Lecture 12

Infant Lecture 12 - Infant Lecture 12 March 5, 2007 Eric...

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Infant Lecture 12 March 5, 2007 Eric Room 330 Tillet or eheklere ? Tues 11am You don’t have to read the articles but know the important parts mentioned in lecture Language Development Infancy Pre-vocalizations, gestures:: crying [when born, they will refine cry when they want different things]& then they get to cooing [foul sounds, and coos when they are pleases] & then babbling [some early as 4-5 months or 6-8 months, consonants are added] & eventually kid begins to focus on repeated sounds – echolia Video : Pre-speech gestures; children are obviously communication before they have repertoire to be specific, communicating consistently across children, must be language device biologically built into brain>when child develops independent of environment richness so we can assume language and speech centers might be at different parts of the brain, Video : children sounds; language explosion in first 2 years of child’s life, & child begins to develop pre tense play at 14-16 months but focused on themselves [pick up telephone and talk into it] but not until 16 to 17 to 20 months does it involve other [hand it to you or put it to doll but autistic children do not have pretend play with others] Between 6 and 10 months – babies repertoire of noises evolve into babbling and pointing comes about this time - around 10 months communication between parents and child - around first birthday first true word - hallow phrases- one word to mean a lot of things - month ?- 12 words everyday soon enough - By 21 months – nouns and verbs combined – telegraphic speech - This contains most important words without grammatical function words - pre voc sounds become refined in an attempt to communicate and often replaced with gestures, by 18 months they have only 50 words they can produce but after 50 months – 12 words per day are learned! So what is it that’s already developed
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Infant Lecture 12 - Infant Lecture 12 March 5, 2007 Eric...

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