Infant Lecture 18

Infant Lecture 18 - Infant Lecture 18 April 2, 2007 Home...

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Infant Lecture 18 April 2, 2007 Home Scale - is a measure of the quality of the social environment in a child’s life, completed by an observer watching parent child interact in home Scores predicts intelligence and school achievement Observe PCX- parent child relationship Predicts IQ/SchAch Parental Responsiveness- is parent responsive to childs needs? Stimulus- what kind of stimulation does the parent provide for childs cognitive development?[assimilation –Piaget read and compare] Independence - what does parent do to create independence Overhead- Figure in book- 9.2 ! Early Childhood Education Head Start - main programs looked at, designed to increase school readiness, several components, first component is to improve cognitive development, 2 nd component is to improve parental involvement in developing child, 3 rd was to provide health services for child - Program has shown benefits and those who don’t agree want to save money - Those in headstart have higher IQ scores til about 3 rd or 4 th grade and then same as others - Children who went through headstart have better graduation rates - Also, those who went were less delinquent - Better employment rates - And fewer are on welfare - More are short term cognitively but there are long term social aspects School Readiness Benefits Parental Expectations Middle Class Children- among middle class children, parents who have high expectations have the following characteristics in children: - Kids have better skills until kindergarten - Lower creativity - More anxious - Have more negative attitudes about school Preschool TV - has conflicting outcomes - sesame street: shown in many languages around the country, most successful tv show, kids who watch it regularly appear to have an increase in skills such as
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Infant Lecture 18 - Infant Lecture 18 April 2, 2007 Home...

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