Infant Lecture 19

Infant Lecture 19 - Infant Lecture 19 April 4 2007 Siblings...

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Infant Lecture 19 April 4, 2007 Siblings – teach cooperation, teach nurturance, and teach you how to teach , negative aspects include conflict, control, competition; siblings do imitate each other, conflict may have some positive aspect to it, having conflict may teach you how to become socially competent, and how you resolve conflict will help you with self identity, typically as they age conflict declines, -often times children have difficult adjustment to the arrival of a new sibling , - there are both pos and neg reaction—the child regresses to an earlier arrival of an emotional devolvement, some sleep disorders due to stressors [arrival of new sibling] but it can also be an opportunity to increase independence; preparing a child for an arrival of a sibling helps to smooth things out - birth order- psychopathaology schizophrenia tends twd older child and depression more toward younger child; first born children are more motivated to achieve, they tend to be more cooperative too and as children more adult oriented; later born tend to be more popular with peers, more retaliation, more liberal, and more agreeable; parents may also teach later and first born more differently -Peers - social and emotional development children age 2 to 5; by age 2 children will imitate one another’s play, and engage in social games, and by age 2 they have a preference for playmates, preschool friendships [as opposed to school] are characterized by shared positive experiences and feelings to attachment to one another and preschool friendships have higher levels of interactions, pro social behavior, and positive emotions, these friendships are based on proximity [same toys even better b/c now you can share them and if they like to have fun then they are your bestest friends];
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Infant Lecture 19 - Infant Lecture 19 April 4 2007 Siblings...

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