Infant Lecture 23

Infant Lecture 23 - Infant Lecture 23 [20-22: no class on...

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Infant Lecture 23 [20-22: no class on those days ] April 18, 2007 FINAL EXAM INFO: Chap 6 7 8 9 10 12 – notes on sakai; we will discuss 11 and 13 but will not be on final Early Childhood Social Dev Play Friendship Gender Identity- when children perform it and how it varies; centered on single dimension, determine boy or girl based on appearance, young children may say one day she wants to be a daddy [if 2-3 yrs old its not unusual], early childhood they begin to identify [Chapter 10 END Chapter 12 Begin] VIDEO 1 : parallel play: 2 and 3 yr olds play by each other but not with each other; evolution of nonsocial to social play Chapter 12: Cognitive Development : Middle Childhood Cognitive Dev Piaget- says there is a qualitative and quantitative change, pre operational child [egocentrism and ]; takes on adult logic which involved tangible ideas not abstract; abstract thinking needs formal operation which is post puberty; 23-30% of Americans will never leave this stage as adults Concrete Op St Reversibility - children knows a physical transformation of an object can be un done and because of that they are able to look at more than one dimension at a time, they can reverse physically manipulations they begin to De Center: Decentration - [remember the example with liquid being poured into a different glass]; limited by language, children who are de centered are able to manage conservation problems they know volume didn’t change but shape changed, they can also do seriation [remembering stuff, like numbers] so as a result so children begin to master conservation Conversation – conservation of mass, ball of clay example and they able to know about Transitivity - If a is larger than b and b is larger than c then they can know a is larger than
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Infant Lecture 23 - Infant Lecture 23 [20-22: no class on...

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