Week 2 DQ 1 and 2 - GEN 200 Week 2 DQ 1: "Knowing how...

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GEN 200 Week 2 DQ 1: "Knowing how you learn helps you choose study techniques that capitalize on your strengths." As mentioned in the text, there are many different traits to a person's personality (Personality Spectrum). The ones mentioned in Chapter two are divided into four categories. They are thinkers, organizers, givers, and adventurers. Each one of the personalities can be directly related to the type or style of learning an individual chooses or learns best with. For example, if a person is mostly defined as a giver, they would more likely study better with others and could help in the understanding of certain information. Another good example would of the organizer personality. Organizers are best with organizing and reorganizing given information. They can put the information given into a clearer perspective. They prefer to work alone and in quiet environments. As you can see, just these two personality traits are pretty diverse. Most individuals tend to clearly display pieces of all the traits but are more likely to portray one or two in whole. If a group was to be created using one person each fully representing the traits of the
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Week 2 DQ 1 and 2 - GEN 200 Week 2 DQ 1: "Knowing how...

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