MGT 216 DQs - Week 1 DQ 1 University of Phoenix Why should...

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Week 1 DQ 1 University of Phoenix Why should an individual study ethics? In what ways are ethical theories relevant to today’s workplace? Explain your answer An individual should study ethics because without some form of ethics the world and businesses would fall apart. My understanding is that ethics is a study of personal views or perceptions, since every individual’s perceptions are different so will each person’s view of societies ethics or standard vary. Old theories like the Game theory for instance are relevant because each theory represents what a particular portion of society perceives ethics. Economics seems to be a broad subject that plays a great deal in our personal decisions. The support of my view is that for instance, most Southerners (Southern USA) believe women roles are still domestic but the Northern is just the opposite. I know this is a generalization and every Southerner doesn’t feel that way but the theory shows that different people have different views so ethics vary. Week 1 DQ 2 University of Phoenix What do you consider to be a source of ethics? What environmental factors contribute to ethical behavior? How are business ethics developed? Explain your answer. Parents are a source of ethics in most cases. For instance, from the time of a Child's birth he or she is guided by their parents. They are taught right and wrong through general practices from their parents and their parents’ beliefs. For instance, if an individuals grows up in a religious house they will more than likely take to the religion of their parents. Beliefs generate ethics, for example most Christians believe in treating individuals with respect and that belief usually overlaps into other areas of the individual’s life. For instance, if that individual works in a company he or she would more than likely treat a person with respect because of their religious background. I’m
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not saying this is the only way ethics are developed but it is a key one. A non religious example of this is the military. After taking an individual off the street they instill loyalty, duty, selfless service and military ethics. Individuals usually portray this in most cases, of course there are rare cases when individuals don’t develops ethics for some reason or another. Week 1 DQ 3 University of Phoenix Think of an example of unethical behavior you observed in a business setting. Was this behavior the result of an unethical person or organization? Explain your answer. An example that comes to my mind of unethical behavior was in 1993, I had a commander that thought female did not belong in the military. He would always give the males field assignments and keep the female in the office. This resulted in the females having problems getting promoted and they needed field time to get promoted on their ratings. The problem continued until a complaint was made and it was found that he never sent a female to the field. He was reprimanded but allowed to continue his career. The behavior was the result unethical in my opinion and had not reflection on the Army.
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MGT 216 DQs - Week 1 DQ 1 University of Phoenix Why should...

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