MGT 216 Weekly Summaries

MGT 216 Weekly Summaries - Week Summary 1 University of...

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Week Summary 1 University of Phoenix This week I have learned allot about how ethics apply to everyday living. I learned that in almost every interaction whether it’s personal, business or pleasure ethics has a major impact on the outcome. For instance in this weeks discussion I talked with the class about the ethics in the United States and how it affected our daily lives. This upon learning some of my classmate’s personal views made me more aware of my own ethics. I’m sure by the end of the class I will get more out of the rigorous discussion with my peers. Reading this week’s required material did broaden my understanding but it did make me focus. Finally, I gained the most from the discussion and I'm looking for to the direction this class is going in. Week Summary 2 University of Phoenix Implications - This week we learned about the different ethical theories. Each theory was categorically unique and I found that I could relate to more than one of them. To me the virtue theory was the hardest to get my head wrapped around because it didn't really seem as cut and dry as the utilitarianism and deontological theories. I did enjoy trying to apply these theories to my own workplace to try to decipher what kind of ethical theory we follow as an organization. Conclusions - This week’s discussion were very interesting and I especially enjoyed
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MGT 216 Weekly Summaries - Week Summary 1 University of...

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