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Course Syllabus Course Prefix and Number: MGT/216 Course Title: Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility Course Schedule: July 27 th to August 30 th 2010 At the UOP, the school weeks start on Tuesday and run through  Monday.  So, assignments due on Monday of week 1 are due on the  last day of the week.  There are no assignments due on the day the  course begins. Course  Location/Times/Newsgroup: Online Main This is the  Main  forum for the class. It has read and write access for  both students and faculty. Discussion questions for each week are  posted in this forum.   Individual This forum has read and write access in which students receive  feedback.   Course Materials  This forum has read and write access for the instructor and read- only access for students. The syllabus, lectures, and other  instructional messages are be posted in this forum.   Forums for Learning Teams : These four  Learning Team  forums (A thru E) will be used as  workrooms for the learning teams. You have been assigned to one  of these learning teams.  Learning-Team -A Learning-Team -B Learning-Team -C Learning-Team -D
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Required Course Materials Links to course materials and electronic resources for each week of  class are located on the course page of the University of Phoenix  Student Web site. Content is divided by weeks. Instructor’s Name: Paul A. Kramer Telephone: 515-450-8685 University of Phoenix E-mail  Address: Alternative E-mail Address: Availability: Please note that I live and work in Central Standard Time (CST). Monday through Friday, I will typically check my UOP e-mail and classroom postings at least once during the day. That is not always possible, so if you have critical, time-sensitive issues please contact me through my alternate e-mail or leave me a voice mail message and I will try to accommodate you during the work day. I will typically be on-line every evening during the week sometime between 6pm and 11pm. I will usually be available on-line every Saturday, but the time of day will vary. I have four children and scheduling hours ahead is difficult, let alone weeks ahead. I will typically not be on-line on Sunday. If you have a time critical issue on the weekends and don't find me on-line, please call me and I will try to accommodate you as soon as possible. Please do not call me after 10pm unless absolutely necessary. In an emergency, if you are unable to access the UOP server through Outlook Express or OWA, please send a message to my alternate email address to document the issue. Please note that I'm providing this information to open 
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MGT+216+Syllabus[1] - Course Syllabus...

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