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weekly summary_week1_com285 - are good communicators 2 What...

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Week 1 Summary 1. What is the single most important concept you learned this week? Why? Several business communication concepts were discussed this week. Most (if not all) organizations use communication to deliver information and services. For instance, in my workplace, business communication plays a remarkable role to the point that without it work could not get done. I mainly utilize oral communication through phone conversations as most of my work now day is done from my office; however, I also receive letters, reports, and tons of email messages. On a few occasions, I have to attend face-to-face meetings. Sometimes, I also receive pictures and computer graphics that are considered nonverbal communication. Business communication ability is among things used as a tool to determine who should obtain a promotion. The commander of my unit consistently promotes soldiers within the company who
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Unformatted text preview: are good communicators. 2. What are you able to apply from this week's learning? Why? I would like to apply the skills that I acquired this week in order to make my business communication more effective. Indeed, business communication, especially when it is effective, can help me to save time by eliminating the time that usually it takes to rewrite incomprehensible reports, and communicate my points to my property managers, coworkers, and stakeholders more clearly. Business communication allows me to build goodwill within my staff by offering an image of myself as a smart, knowledgeable and capable person. Finally, business communication helps me to increase my productivity and performances (Locker and Kienzler, 2008). Reference: Locker, K.O., and Kienzler, D.S. (2008). Business and administrative communication (8 th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill....
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