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Thread for Week 1 - Discussion Question #3 3. What are two strengths and two areas for improvement in your own business communication abilities? You may address verbal, written, or electronic communication; provide examples to explain your choices. How could your improvement in these two areas enhance your work performance? My two strengths are: written and electronic communication. I usually receive positive feedback from the Director of the company (e.g. when I write performance reviews) and instructors (e.g. when I write assignments) about my written skills. My writing is organized and the introduction tends to be strong to keep them interested on what they read. My writing is usually unbiased as all the information is presented without having my idea in it unless it is a persuasive research or
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Unformatted text preview: essay. In these cases, I am trying to persuade the readers and my position is supported by credible sources. I also communicate in business by using charts and graphs. Business plans often include these tools in order to deliver the key points of the plan in an easy and quick way. Two areas for me to improve in are verbal communication and vocabulary. English is my second language. I am not as familiar with as many words as I am with my first language (Italian). Knowing the meaning of new words is my daily goal. I can conduct good presentation or meetings as long as I have the time to organize them but if I have to improvise then my limited verbal communication and vocabulary may become an obstacle. I am trying to improve these areas by reading more and repeating concept I learn outloud....
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