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Hi Katherine, I'm in mutual agreement with you in regards to technology being a form of communication in which you can't do without. Now a days with technology and the everyday new electronical ways of communicating, how can one do without. I can't imagine leaving my home without my cell phone, if I happen to drive off with out my phone, I will literally return back home to get it. whether it be internal or external communication from an organization to its employees or to their customers, it is important to keep good channel of communication. ...especially to customers. My bank and cellphone company usually sends me text messages as to changes in my account or updates, and as a customer, I can appreciate this service, so I am sure that most organizations are adapting to this way of communication to their consumers and even
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Unformatted text preview: vendors. Student’s name: Technology (i.e. Internet) has become an integral part of people everyday lives at work and at home. Most (if not all) businesses have used the web to communicate with their customers; indeed, many customers’ orders are taken online and they are able to access to their account information online. The Internet altered marketplaces as now customers have a wide choice of products that can be compared easily to each other and bargain hunting is easy to accomplish on the “net”. Further, the wide choice offered to customers push prices to fall as businesses are now forced to provide a better service at more competitive prices (CNN, 2006). Reference CNN (2006). Caught up in the net. Retrieved November 22, 2009 from
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