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Audience Analysis Audience Analysis STUDENT'S NAME University of Phoenix COM285 Business Communications INSTRUCTOR DATE COM285 1
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Audience Analysis “I am going to have to present the quarterly sales information to the stakeholders tomorrow” stated sales manager John Kimble. “It’s not your first time, is it?” John’s coworker replied. “Yes it is and to be honest with you I feel nervous about it” John added. “Do not be, I am sure that you will do an outstanding job tomorrow” John’s coworker replied. “Just make sure that you will keep in mind the audience characteristics, the appropriate communication channels to use, how to approach a diverse audience, and make the communication effective when you will present you information to them” stated John’s coworker. Locker and Kienzler (2008) stated that “the best communicators are conscious of the context in which they communicate; they are aware of options” (p. 26). Indeed, when presenting information to an audience they always keep in mind what’s at the stake. For instance, when the stakes are high, the communicators must consider people’s feeling and provide them objective facts supported by credible sources. The communicators must also consider the format of their messages. In some cases, especially when one’s is a newly-hired, the best communication format is silence. After “how it said” the communicators must consider “what is said.” So the communicators must consider how much detail they want to give to their audience (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). This research paper will answer several questions that should always be asked when presenting quarterly sales information to the stakeholders. The questions are: What characteristics of the audience must consider? What are some considerations to keep in mind given the diversity of the audience? How would you ensure that your message is effective? What communication channels are appropriate? (University of Phoenix, 2009). COM285
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assignment_week2_com285 - Audience Analysis 1 Audience...

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