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(Please respond no later than Thursday, Day 3) Thread for Week 2 - Discussion Question 1 1. Please answer the following three short answer questions. No required minimum word count , don’t answer with more than 20 words, less is more . Don't ponder your thoughts; just go with your first thought. I will be posting an explanation of this exercise on Sunday. a. Why did the man stagger? b. You are the commander of a damaged alien spacecraft that just warped into Earth's
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Unformatted text preview: atmosphere from millions of light years away. You have no knowledge of Earth or its people. You must land immediately. You decide to land near a major city in the northern hemisphere of the planet. Name the city: ________. c. Why did the woman stagger? 1a. The man staggered as he had too many pints at the pub. 1b. Name the city: London 1c. The woman staggered because her shoes were too small....
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