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Using your own experiences, how has technology helped you communicate while on the job?  What problems have you encountered? How have you resolved these problems?   Several months ago, the leader of the company S6 (Information’s Technology Section) introduced a powerful communication tool to our department, Yahoo Messenger. Messenger allowed me to communicate effectively with him; further, it also allowed me to obtain quick responses when I needed them. However, in some cases Yahoo Messenger became a disruption in my daily routine and it sometimes created delays in my schedule, especially my morning one. Particularly, when I received a request or was asked a question that was not a “yes or no answer” but required some kind of research. A couple of fellow section leads pointed out similar issues to
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Unformatted text preview: me in our weekly meetings. During the companywide section lead meeting following its implementation, we discussed the issue and agreed to use the Messenger for yes/no questions only and use emails for questions that require research. Technology, such as Yahoo Messenger, plays a remarkable role in the management of my section. More specifically, technology helps the management of my section to run the day-to-day operations, to create plans in order to resolve any problems, and to process any needed information. Since technology plays such a primary role in the management of my section as well in other sections with-in my unit, the information systems used have to be updated frequently in order achieve organizational goals set by my commander....
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