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What is the difference between writing using active and passive verbs?  Provide examples. Why are active verbs generally considered more effective  in business communication? According to Locker and Kienzler using active verbs makes one’s writing more forceful. Active verbs have the subject who does the action that the verb describes. Conversely, passive verbs have the subject acted upon. An example of passive writing would be: the repair was completed by John yesterday. The majority of the time in academic writing this form would be marked an incorrect; indeed, The Center of Writing Excellence always encourage students to rewrite their sentences in an active way. So, we can say: Rob completed the paper yesterday. Passive verbs make one’s writing longer, boring, difficult to understand, and it is unclear who is doing the
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Unformatted text preview: action when the agent is omitted. However, Locker and Kienzler provided situations in where the use of passive verbs would be preferred; for example, if the writer wants to highlight the object not the subject who does the action. Other examples include: use of passive verbs to maintain coherence within a paragraph or to avoid assigning blame. Other than these two cases, active verbs are strongly recommended in business communication as they make it more effective. Tight business writing is very important in the fast society we are living today. Everything and everyone is moving at very faster pace each passing day. Reference: Locker, K.O., and Kienzler, D.S. (2008). Business and administrative communication (8 th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill....
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