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All industries and companies have their own jargon. What is some of the jargon related to the company or industry in which you work? When is it appropriate to use jargon? How might you present company- or industry- specific information without using jargon? Jargon is the use of specialized terminology that relates to a specific field. Each industry has its own jargon. For instance, in the aviation industry we often hear aviators using words such as UH-60, OH-58, and AH-64 which are the names for the Blackhawk, Warrior, or Apache helicopters the military commonly uses. There is also jargon used for specific parts of each helicopter such as Xmsn, M/Rh, or T/Rh which stand for the Transmission, Main Rotor head, and Tail Rotor head. Locker and Kienzler (2008) suggested using jargons sparingly. The use of big words is good to impress your audience but sometimes those words may put a distance between you and the audience as well as create miscommunication. Further, if you are not truly familiar with those words you may end up looking incompetent. Locker and Kienzler (2008)
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