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STUDENT: Academic writing is impersonal and at times sterile. It presents research parameters and procedures and then presents a conclusion based on results. Business writing although professional is more personal and informative, presenting information and may use peraonal tones of pronouns such as we or you. It has a specific message, a memo to employees regarding time off during the holidays may be less formal than a business plan written with the purpose of persuading a lender to lend money. PARTICIPATION: George, I agree when you stated that business writing is more personal and informative. I also think that
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Unformatted text preview: business writing has to be clear, concise, and direct to the point. It should not leave any room for doubt or for the possibility of a misinterpretation that can damage goodwill. Having someone (e.g. your co-worker, classmate, or friend, spouse) peer review your letters may help to achieve these goals, especially when the reviewer is non judgmental and offers feedback and/or constructive criticism. Having someone else read your letter also increases the chances to catch grammatical mistakes, unclear or confused ideas before your letter reaches your target audience....
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