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STUDENT: I agree that when you are face to face it is easier to see how the person is actually reacting to what you are saying. You can read their body language and you can see their expressions clearly. Some tips for face to face communication are: Know that your colleague welcomes you visit, know that a real time connection saves multiple phone calls or e-mails, and are great if your meeting requires dialogue or negotiation. Also, it is important to not invade the persons space. The text gives an example of putting your papers all over someone else's desk. That can ne very distracting and annoying. However, if you are talking on the phone you can get away with a little more than face-to-face. The person cannot see you on the other end and therefore can not read your body language. I still feel that e-mail is the most effective form of communication. I use e-mail for business and personal matters. If my family is going to get together for a BBQ we all exchange invites over e-mail. Most of our conversations are on e-mail
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