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Consider a current event that has created a negative situation for a company and describe that  event briefly. How could the company write a message to communicate the situation to the  general public? BCI Burke Inc. is a company that produces swing sets for children. Not to long ago, the company had to recall 664 playground single post swing sets because they were defective. More specifically, the connection of the swing set top beam could break and the child could be injured. There was one case of child who had minor injuries (bruises). Product recalls are not uncommon nowadays. When this situation happens the main goal is to write a message to inform the general public about the recall. The company must first provide a detailed description of the item that was recalled. For instance, in the BCI Burke’ case, they stated 2-3/8” Single Post Swing Set
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Unformatted text preview: (550-0033). Then, the message should include the hazard that is related with the use product and why it was recalled. The company should also mention how many incidents occurred prior the recall. In addition, the message should include any remedies to resolve the problem such as removing the existing swings from the top beam immediately and reinstall it only after received the updated product. Finally the message should give the opportunity to the customer to contact customer service if they have any questions regarding the recall. Reference: Burke (2007). BCI Burke recall to repair swing sets. Retrieved December 13, 2009 from
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