com285_week4_dq3 - and reasonable decision Further if we...

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What strategies would you use to maintain a caring, sensitive tone, even when writing a  negative message? Provide an example by writing a short e-mail message to a coworker who  has requested assistance with a project not on your priority list. Assume you are already  overwhelmed with your own work. Locker & Kienzler (2008) suggested ways to maintain a sensitive tone even we are delivering a negative message. In the case provided in the discussion question, very likely the supervisor and the coworker will continue working together. Therefore, the message has to have a positive feeling. So, even if the coworker will not be happy to hear that we are unable to help him at this time, we still want to make sure that we reviewed his request seriously; we provided him a fair
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Unformatted text preview: and reasonable decision. Further, if we trade positions, he or she would likely act the same. For instance we can say, Dear Scott, I have just returned from a business trip and I am a little bit behind with my paperwork. I am currently working on a couple projects that I have to submit to the owners by the end of this week. I will not be able to assist with your project. You may want to contact Tom from the acquisition department. I am confident that he can provide you valuable information that you can use for your project. Please prepare your rough draft. I will be happy to review it as soon as possible. Thank you, Massimo Reference: Locker, K.O., and Kienzler, D.S. (2008). Business and administrative communication (8 th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill....
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com285_week4_dq3 - and reasonable decision Further if we...

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