part1&2_week1_mgt330 - STUDENT: Roy, I like your point...

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Unformatted text preview: STUDENT: Roy, I like your point about everyone having to agree on the desired results or goals. That points towards the organizing fundamental of management; I think that a good manager should be able to see who works well with each other and has similar goals and group them together to make the most efficient team. I find at least in my career that managers just grab whoever is available and assign them a task or tasks that maybe would be better for someone else or another group of people. I have also found that managers will find their "go to" people and often overload them with tasks because they know they will get the job done, not a very good management strategy if you ask me. Jim Henderson PARTICIPATION: Jim, Additionally good managers should have the following skills: technical, human, administrative, and decision-making skills. Technical skills include “the ability to apply specialized knowledge or expertise” (Robbins, 2005, p. 7). Human skills encompass the ability to understand employees and communicate well with them. Administrative skills “refer to knowledge about the and communicate well with them....
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part1&2_week1_mgt330 - STUDENT: Roy, I like your point...

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