part3&4_week1_mgt330 - STUDENT I think control is...

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STUDENT: I think control is important as well, but I feel that with control comes a level of respect and trust that has to be earned in order for employees to heed to that control. Dianne's manager sounds like a tyrant who is out-of-control and obviously is not well respected, if at all, because to them it's just a job. Management involves some amount of caring (sincerely) about employees and consumers. As I stated in an earlier post, I have a great manager. We all know and can go to him with questions, concerns, or even just to vent. Although there is a "name" we represent, we work for him. He knows his job inside and out, he takes the time to get to know his employees, stays current and on top of the many different changes, he's fair and i could go on forever. So for us, there's no motivation needed really, on his part. We motivate ourselves and each other because we want to get things done and get them done right. We understand that our work is a reflection of us and our boss and not just the company alone. He's in control and it's understood. We
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part3&4_week1_mgt330 - STUDENT I think control is...

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