part5&6_week1_mgt330 - STUDENT: Megan, I agree that...

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STUDENT: Megan, I agree that the managers are the ones that ultimately do the hiring and firing of employees, but in the interviewing stages the manager can also ask some of the employees working under him/her to participate in the interviewing process. So many times managers will hire someone that may seem like a good fit to them but when that person gets into the group they don't fit in or cant get along with the other people. Having some other employees involved in the interviewing process will help determine the best fit for the group. It also goes along way in showing employees that the manager values their ideas and opinions and builds team morale. Jim Henderson MST - 720-339-1369 PARTICIPATION: Good fits depends on how efficient company selection programs are. Selection programs are directed to identify among all the applications that have been received during the recruiting process the candidates that best fulfill the existing job openings. Bohlander and Snell stated that “the overall goal of selection is to maximize hits and avoid misses” (Bohlander & Snell, 2007, p. 244). Hits are accurate predictions that the newly hired employees will turn out to be successful
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part5&6_week1_mgt330 - STUDENT: Megan, I agree that...

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