part3&4_week2_mgt330 - STUDENT Hello Massimo...

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Unformatted text preview: STUDENT: Hello Massimo Responding to your post I agree with you being in a company and managing a workforce managers do have to constantly delegate authority to their employees to make sure the job get done. Managers also have to have a positive attitude when managing a employees this will help keep the organization together as well as leading to a positive and effective organization. Delegation can also be positive or negative because at times you find that some managers fear their subordinates and it can create problems within the organization. Being a manger they have to continue to stay focus on what goes on in the organization so that the employee will be effective and efficient in what they do. Chiquita Thompson [email protected] University of Phoenix PARTICIPATION: To add more to your post regarding delegation, anyone can delegate a task to someone; however,...
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part3&4_week2_mgt330 - STUDENT Hello Massimo...

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