part5&6_week2_mgt330 - STUDENT: Unfortunately, some...

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Unformatted text preview: STUDENT: Unfortunately, some managers are like that. They see management as a way of just telling people what to do and to have other people do things so they don't have to and just take the credit for it. That is not what management is all about. Managers need to know how and when to delegate tasks. PARTICIPATION: I agree when you stated that managers need to know how and when to delegate assignments. About a month ago, one of my coworker delegated to one of his supervisees the assignment of recording payments made by tenants for the buildings he supervises. Further, he delegated to the employee the assignment of giving notices to all the tenants who had outstanding balances. A few days ago, the owner contacted my coworker regarding a tenant who has not paid the rent for the past three months; the owner asked why the tenant had not been evicted yet. My coworker explained to the owner that several days ago he had already instructed the property manager to...
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part5&6_week2_mgt330 - STUDENT: Unfortunately, some...

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