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part7&8_week2_mgt330 - STUDENT Jeffrey Good point I...

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STUDENT Jeffrey, Good point, I have witnessed managers that do just that, delegate just to get something of their plate and not really worry about the end result. What they don't realize is that when they delegate jobs the responsiblity still lies with them too. They are going to have to answer to their manager in the end and tell them why things are going the way they are, whether they're going good or bad. In the end managers would be better served to make sure to delegate and give the proper goals and authority to the employee. PARTICIPATION: I could not agree more when you stated that the responsibility still lies with the managers even though they delegated the task to lower-level employees. Delegation gives the decision-making authority but not the responsibility; indeed, the delegators remain ultimately responsible for the task. The employees who receive the decision-making authority are responsible for meeting the goals and objectives established. The delegators should always encourage and support the
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