CS140TRAMMELL - Park 0741-2011-3133:s'ellé'M University...

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Unformatted text preview: Park 0741-2011-3133:s'ellé'M University Proctored Examination Cover Sheet Student: Trammell, Barbie Course: CSI40DLDU1'12011 introductiontoComputers Instructor: Allison,_Cecel_i_a Instructor’s Phone: 813-717-7707 Instructor fax: 813E713+7701 Instructor’s E-mail: [email protected] A Number of pages of exam: 13 Time Allowed for Exam: 2 hours 0 minutes Answer Sheet Included: Yes Special Instructions: Notes and Books: 0 Books allowed: No 0 Notes allowed: No 0 Calculators Allowed: No Computer Usage: Please note that these are options for the students as not all proctoring sites have computers. 0 Can computers be used for word processing? No 0 Can Computers be used to take final in the Oniine Classroom? No STUDENTS are NOT allowed to bring in their own electronic devices, including laptops, and CANNOT access the WEB during the final exam. Also, alt cell phones must be turned off. Other Special Instructions: Please ensure that students only mark their answers on the provided "answer sheet" only. * Please DO NOT return the entire exam to me. I only need the one-page answer sheet. Note: "For exams that are faxed-to me." Our fax machine is connected to an answering machine. Please ignore the answering machine ---- --— message and iet the fax go through as normal. Proctor: Please note that exams must be taken during week 8 of the term. All exams typed in a Word Processor must be returned to the instructor in Microsoft Word 97-2003 format or in a rich text format. All exams must be returned to the INSTRUCTOR according to the above instructions as soon as possible after the exam is compieted. All copies of the exams should be kept until 7 received by the instructor. They will notify you when they have received the exam. At that time ALL exams must be destroyed. Proctors should NOT keep a file of exams orallow students to retain a copy of the exam! Return Instructions: Finals wili be either FAXED or EMAILED back to the instructor. (Note: Exams may not be returned via US Mail). W..-“ l. I viewed a photo identification of the student before the exam was given (may be valid driver’s license, military id, or passport). Yes? No # / / 4. The student was I was not allowed to use a 2. The student was I was not allowed to use their computer for the exam. hook for the exam. / 5 . I was in e room with the student during the entire exam. 3. The student was I was not allowed to use their Yes No notes for the exam. I verify that all of the above statements are accurate to the best of my knowledge. Signed Date: 1’ g7- ll (Please type in your 11‘ to returning via e nail, your typed name serves as your electronic signature) CS 140: Answer Sheet Final Exam Answer Sheet 1. C) 44. 2. Z52 45. 3. 46. D 4. 47 a 5. E 48. D 6. D 49. g 7. Q 50 D 8. 14. 57. P? 15. E 58._B 16. 59. 132 17. 12 60. 12 18. D 61. g 19. C 1 62. Q 20. D 63. 1C) 21. Q 64. 22. C, 65. $1 23. Z: 66. C 24. E 67. g“: 25. [Z 26. E 27. E ' 28. 29. EI 30. p 31 B é \ f" 40. o E12196 Wm“ 41. 9 Students Name 42. 43.0 13 ...
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This note was uploaded on 08/10/2011 for the course AC 202 taught by Professor Nancyeverett during the Spring '09 term at Park.

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CS140TRAMMELL - Park 0741-2011-3133:s'ellé'M University...

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