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CC 106 Final Study Guide 05/05/2009 13:50:00 Terms Enviornment - With respect to an organism, defined as “surroundings.” The same physical space can mean different enviornments for different organisms. Enviornmental variables favorable for one species may be unfavorable for another. Abiotic Enviornment: Stability - Over earth’s history, climate has maintined a degree of stability that allowed liquid water—and life to persist. Abiotic Enviornment: Instability - Over earth’s history, climate has also shown large variability, wheter due to humans or not. Metastable Enviornment - THe enviornment is stable as long as it is not subjected to major disturbances. Chaos in the climatic enviornment - The enviornment is not only a practical limit to predictability of climate, but some level of inherent , fundamental unpredicatability. Butterfly effect - An example of positive feedback instability, where tiny differences are amplified. Ecosystem - the totality of organisms and their enviornment, functioning together as a unit. Phenotypic Plasticity - The capacity of a genotype to produce more than phenotype. Example of traits with PP: Development, Morphology, Life history, physiology, behavior . Role of the Enviornment on Phenotypic Plasticity - Supplies raw materials, sets conditions for development and conditions for natural selection. Enviornmental Heterogeneity - The evniornment is diverse in character and content. Leads to phenotypic plasticity. Reaction Norm - the set of phenotypes produced by a genotype across a range of enviornments. Enviornmental Affects on Development - The envionment affects developments through Inevitable Direct Effects ; i.e. Temperature affecting rates of metabolic and developmental processes. And through adaptive desponses to enviornmental conditions ; phenotypes Inevitable Direct Effects on Development - The conditions of the enviorntment directly affect development; i.e. Temperature affecting rates of metabolic and developmental processes. Adaptive Responses in Development – Phenotype changes in response to particular changes in enviornment. Functional Trade Off in Phenotype Variation - Different phenotypes serve different functions; i.e. The shape of a conch will change to make it less suseptible to a certain type of predator. ( Round shell is crush resistant, long shell is entry-resistant). Allocation of Resources in Phenotype Variation - Different phenotypes require allocation of resources for different uses. i.e. a phenotype will have little to no protection from predation but it will be easy to make and resources will be available for reproduction or it will have good protection but be hard to make and have limited resources for reproduction.
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Organisms’ Affect on their Enviornment - organisms modulate the temporal availability of
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