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Students’ dropping out of high school is a major problem in the United States. According to NCES, in 1999, 85.9% of high school students in the age range of 15 to 24 years graduated. One study showed, out of the 10,464 students enrolled, 519 students dropped out. (National Center for Educational Statistics, 1999) I believe the reason for the dropout rate increasing in the last decade has a lot to do with having single parent homes, and younger immature parents. Causes that might be linked to school dropouts are personal influences, parental involvement, home stability, rebellion against parents/teachers, and activities related to peers or social environments. Let’s take a look at how I feel these affect students. Personal problems that affect students and are not dealt with can cause depression or a feeling of failure which in turns leads them to skipping school and turning to activities that point them down the wrong avenues. Children having children is another big factor in the student dropout rate, I believe if we educate our children on safe sex that it might help the dropout rate decrease. Our babies are trying to grow up to fast in today’s society, or being forced to grow up fast due to their home structure. In these cases their education is secondary to their
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InternetActivity4ChildAdPsych - Students dropping out of...

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