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Decision Making - DecisionMaking/ProblemSolving...

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Decision Making/Problem Solving Portfolio Capstones In order to understand ourselves, we must first understand our decision making and problem solving capability. I have learned different approaches to reasoning with problem solving issues, including brainstorming new ideas, pro/con analyzing on the issue itself, and weighing of the final outcome. Unsurprisingly decision making is often a time consuming process. Here begins my in-depth analysis of the glorious subject of decision making and problem solving skills I have developed here at UNOH. Brainstorming new ideas as a possible solution to avoiding situations with the issue is a way I have learned to cope with problem solving here at UNOH. If you can modify a problem by eliminating it altogether, then brainstorming new ways to achieve the same results is an ideal way to handle a problem issue. Free-associating could come easy to you or it might take a while to come up with a new idea to achieve the same goal without an issues and accomplishing the same task. Pro/Con analyzing the problem issue is also another way I have learned to deal
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Decision Making - DecisionMaking/ProblemSolving...

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