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Chapter 4: Short Answer Questions Answer to following questions. 1. Draw the diagram that shows how payroll accounting is done in PCA. 2. When setting up payroll defaults, what is the first step? From the navigator bar select “Employees & Payroll” then click Employees, set up Employee Defaults. 3. Identify the five tabs on the Employee Defaults window. 1. General
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3. Company Fields 4. Review Ratings 5. Employment Status 4. What is the Maintain Employees/Sales Reps window used for? To set up employees for payroll 5. What do the check marks in the Calc column of the employee defaults indicate? Explain. The check marks indicate common deductions. If there is a check mark in the box the PCA system automatically calculates taxes and deductions from those columns. 6. What is the difference in the appearance of the Payroll Entry window for an hourly employee and a salaried employee? Explain. The differences are as follows-- Hourly Amounts: Regular Hours, Overtime Hours, & Special 7. Why do the employee deductions display as negative amounts on the Payroll Entry window? These are displayed as negatives because they are deductions that decrease the gross amount on the check and decrease the total take home checking amount. 8. What are the gross pay amounts for Brandee M. Nunnley and for Drake V. Carter? Include Mr. Carter’s overtime pay.
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Chapter_04_Chapter_06 - Chapter 4: Short Answer Questions...

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