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Unformatted text preview: Module Three Case Study Organizational Behavior II 15 August 2011 Chapter 17 Case Incident 1 pp. 580-581 Peering Into Your Past 1. Do you think employers have the right to investigate applicants by Goggling them or exploring sites such as MySpace or Twitter? What about checking out their current employers? 2. When applicants apply for a job, typically they give employers permission to look into their background. Do you agree this absolves employers of moral blame for such “digging”? 3. If you worked for a consumer products company that asked you to develop a background check policy, what would be some central tenets of your recommended program? 4. As we noted in this chapter, if an employer doesn’t check the background of an applicant with a criminal history who then harms others at work, the employer can be liable for “negligent hiring.” What do you think of such a policy? Does it influence your attitudes toward background hiring....
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