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True/Make True p. 50 1. Shortcut keys enable you to perform common operations by using two or more keys together. 2. Peachtree’s Restore Wizard allows you to restore existing companies only. 3. Peachtree’s modular design is similar to other accounting software applications. 4. If there is an underlined letter in the menu or option you want to select, hold down the <Alt> key and the underlined letter to make the selection. 5. In this book, the angle brackets are used to indicate individual keys on the
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Unformatted text preview: keyboard; for example <Tab>. 6. You can close the application you are working with if you single click with your mouse on the close button ( ). 7. You can access seven Navigation center pages from the Navigation Bar. 8. In PCA, some icons are common to all windows while other icons are specific to a particular window. 9. The Navigation Bar appears at the left side of the Peachtree main window. 10.The extension used for Peachtree backups is .XLSX or .XLS....
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