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Calc II Test 2 - MATH 2411 Spring 2011 Exam#2 Sections 7.7...

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MATH 2411 Spring 2011 Exam #2 Sections 7.7 & 7.8; 8.1-8.6; 9.1-9.2 Tuesday, April 19th Name: _____________________ Score: _____________ 70 Instructions: 1. No notes or note cards will be given for the exam, so prepare accordingly. 2. The use of a hand held non-scientific calculator will be allowed. No TI 83/84/86/89/92 will be allowed. If you have a question about whether or not your calculator is acceptable please ask BEFORE the exam. 3. You must show all of your work in order to receive full credit. Clearly state which tests you are using when determining convergence or divergence of series. Two mathematicians are studying a convergent series. The first one says: "Do you realize that the series converges even when all the terms are made positive?" The second one asks: "Are you sure?" The first one replies: “Absolutely!"
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Section 1: Short Answer (2 points each). a) Is the following differential equation separable (yes or no)? ______________ ) 4 ( 2 ' - = y xy y b) Find an explicit formula for the general nth term of the following sequence: { } ,... 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 , 64 ___________________ c) What is the limit of the following sequence?
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