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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <!-- New Perspectives on XML Tutorial 6 Tutorial Case Hardin Financial Stock Information Author: Israel Crawford Date: 8/2/2011 Filename: stock.xml Supporting Files: down.gif, same.gif, stock.css, stock.xsl, up.gif --> - <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="stock.xsl" ?> < <portfolio> < <author>Kevin Summers</author> <date>11/24/2008</date> <time>14:54</time> <stock> <sName symbol="AA">Aluminum Company of America</sName> <description>Alcoa Inc. is a producer of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum, and alumina, and is active in all major aspects of the industry, including technology, mining, refining, smelting, fabricating, and recycling. Alcoa serves customers worldwide in the packaging, consumer, automotive, aerospace and other transportation, building and construction, industrial products and distribution markets. Related businesses include packaging machinery, precision castings, vinyl siding, plastic bottles and closures, fiber-optic cables, and electrical distribution systems for cars and trucks. Alcoa's operations consist of five worldwide segments: Alumina and Chemicals, Primary Metals, Flat-Rolled Products, Engineered Products, and Packaging and Consumer Goods. </description> <category>Industrials</category> <link></link> <today open="29.60" high="29.94" low="28.59" current="29.20" vol="2.94" /> <five_day> <day open="31.20" high="32.61" low="30.15" close="30.51" vol="6.70" date="11/17/2008">1</day> <day open="30.51" high="30.90" low="28.76" close="29.20" vol="4.84" date="11/18/2008">2</day> <day open="29.20" high="30.33" low="27.12" close="28.53" vol="5.24" date="11/19/2008">3</day> <day open="28.53" high="31.32" low="28.24" close="30.92" vol="5.91" date="11/22/2008">4</day>
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<day open="30.92" high="31.12" low="28.84" close="29.60" vol="3.44" date="11/23/2008">5</day> </five_day> </stock> <stock> <sName symbol="UCL">Unocal Corporation</sName> <description>Unocal Corporation operates as the parent of Union Oil Company of California. Virtually all operations are conducted by Union Oil and its subsidiaries. Unocal is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, with principal operations in North America and Asia. Unocal is also a producer of geothermal energy and a provider of electrical power in Asia. Other activities include ownership in proprietary and common carrier pipelines, natural gas storage facilities and the marketing and trading of hydrocarbon commodities. </description> <category>Industrials</category> <link></link> <today open="33.35" high="34.00" low="32.66" current="33.80" vol="1.01" /> <five_day> <day open="33.91" high="34.26" low="31.80" close="32.12" vol="1.44" date="11/17/2008">1</day> <day open="32.12" high="33.94" low="31.55" close="33.41" vol="0.89" date="11/18/2008">2</day> <day open="33.41" high="33.82" low="32.45" close="32.94" vol="0.63" date="11/19/2008">3</day> <day open="32.94" high="33.31" low="30.40" close="31.24" vol="1.12"
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