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Minicases Ambica Telang Minicases Ambica Telang TMG – 625 13 th July, 2011 1
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Minicases Ambica Telang Barry has recently been assigned to a project team that will be developing a new retail store management system for a chain of submarine sandwich shops. Barry has several years of experience in programming, but he has not done much analysis in his career. He was a little nervous about the new work he would be doing, but had confidence that he could handle any assignment he was given. One of Barry’s first assignments was to visit one of the submarine sandwich shops and prepare an observation report on how the store operates. Barry planned to arrive at the store around noon, but he chose a store in an area of town he was unfamiliar with, and due to traffic delays and difficulty in finding the store, he did not arrive until 1:30. The store manager was not expecting him and refused to let a stranger behind the counter until Barry had her contact the project sponsor (the director of store management) at company headquarters to verify who he was and what his purpose was. After finally securing permission to observe, Barry stationed himself prominently in the work area behind the counter so that he could see everything. The staff had to maneuver around him as they went about their tasks, but there were only minor occasional collisions. Barry noticed that the store staff seemed to be going about their work very slowly and deliberately, but he supposed that was because the store wasn’t very busy. At first, Barry questioned each worker about he or she was doing, but the store manager eventually asked him not to interrupt their works so much—he was interfering with their service to the customers.
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