Exam 1 KEY 2009

Exam 1 KEY 2009 - 1 Name: _ EXAM I NTR 326 September 16,...

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1 Name: _______________________ EXAM I NTR 326 September 16, 2009 1. Match the cell structure on the left with its function on the right. Each answer is used only once. __ C ___ endoplasmic reticulum A. DNA for gene expression __ A ___ nucleus B. cell shape __ E ___ peroxisome C. protein synthesis __ F ___ mitochondria D. protein glycosylation __ D ___ golgi apparatus E. branched chain fatty acid oxidation __ B ___ cytoskeleton F. energy production 2. What is the main purpose of the plasma membrane? a. keep cellular contents in the cell c. synthesize protein b. generate energy in the form of ATP d. express genes 3. Digestion is defined as: a. eating food b. breaking down food into its individual units c. taking nutrients into the body d. hormone release 4. What regulates the absorption of digested food on the intestinal cells? a. specific transporters c. mitochondria b. lipids d. nucleus 5. What is the purpose of the extracellular matrix? a. hold cells together to make tissues c. all of the above b. hold tissues together to make organs d. none of the above 6. Biochemistry is defined as: a. study of biology c. study of hormones b. study of chemistry d. study of the chemistry of life
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7. Physiology is defined as: a. all the functions of a living organism c. study of chemical reactions
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Exam 1 KEY 2009 - 1 Name: _ EXAM I NTR 326 September 16,...

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