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Page 1 of 7 Name: ___________________________ EXAM IV NTR 326 Fall 2007 1. Match the description on the right with the correct fatty acid on the left. __D__ Palmitic acid A. 18:1 (Δ 9 ) (n-9) __E__ Arachidonic acid B. 18:3 (Δ 9,12,15 ) (n-3) __A__ Oleic acid C. 18:2 (Δ 9,12 ) (n-6) ___F_ Docosahexaenoic acid D. 16:0 __B__ α-linolenic acid E. 20:4 (Δ 5,8,11,14 ) (n-6) __C__ Linoleic acid F. 22:6 (Δ 4,7,10,13,16,19 ) (n-3) 2. Which is not a part of a fatty acid? a. Hydrocarbon chain c. nitrogen group b. Carboxyl group d. methyl group 3. How is a phospholipid different from a tryglyceride? a. Glycerol backbone c. number of double bonds b. Polar Head group d. size of fatty acids 4. Which amino acid is used in methylation reactions? a. tyrosine c. cysteine b. methionine d. arginine 5. What is typically found between two double bonds in a fatty acid? a. Methylene group c. carboxyl group b. Methyl group d. none of the above 6. Which is not a product of tryptophan metabolism? a. serotonin c. epinephrine b. NAD d. acetyl-CoA 7. Where can cholesterol be metabolized to yield different compounds? a. Liver c. adrenal glands b. Skin d. all of the above
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Page 2 of 7 8. What must occur for lipids to be efficiently digested? a. Emulsification c. all of the above b. Sonication d. none of the above 9. What is the major compound used getting lipids into the aqueous phase in digestion? a. Cholesterol c. glucose b. Amino acid d . bile acids 10. Which is not required for optimum pancreatic lipase activity? a. calcium c. colipase b. magnesium d. bile acids 11. What are the lipid products of fat digestion packaged into for efficient intestinal cell absorption? a.
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NTR326_Exam_IV_Fall07_KEY - Page 1 of 7 Name: _ EXAM IV NTR...

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