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Exam 2 Key fall 2009

Exam 2 Key fall 2009 - Page 1 of 6 Name_Exam Key EXAM II...

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Page 1 of 6 Name: ____ Exam Key ________________________ EXAM II NTR 326 Fall 2009 1. Match the term on the left with what it activates/stimulates on the right. ___ D __ diacylglycerol A. insulin receptor substrate ___ F __ inositol triphosphate B. protein kinase A ___ B __ cyclic AMP C. CREB ___ E __ G protein D. protein kinase C ___ C __ protein kinase A E. adenylate cyclase ___ A __ receptor tyrosine kinase F. increase cytosolic calcium levels 2. For every phosphorylation reaction there is a _________________ reaction which can reverse the phosphorylation. a. Dephosophorylation c. transporter b. Acylation d. none of the above 3. What is the storage form of glucose in our bodies? 4. What two enzymes regulate glycogen synthesis and degradation? 5. Protein kinase A slows glycogen synthesis by phosphorylating and inhibiting which enzyme? 6. How are intrinsic receptor tyrosine kinases activated? a. G proteins c . trans autophosphorylation b. Autophosphorylation d. luck
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