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09 QM Quiz2 Sample Qs for final

09 QM Quiz2 Sample Qs for final - Quiz 2 Sample...

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1 Quiz 2: Sample Questions (from the material covered after mid term) for Final DUE: April 17 th by 5PM. Final is comprehensive, please study all the material covered from day one. Q.1 The Pittsburgh Cheese Company(PCC) has to decide the best production schedule for its cheese packages- Regular and Premium . The cheese packages (Regular and Premium) are made by blending mild cheddar cheese and sharp cheddar cheese. The cheese packages are sold in 1 lb packages. 1 lb=16 oz. Selling price and production cost of two types of cheese packages: R e g u l a r Premium Production(blending) Cost: $0.20/pack $0.20/ pack Selling Price: $1.95/pack $2.20/ pack PCC buys cheese from Super Dairy. The Super Dairy quotes the following cost/ availability schedule. M i l d S h a r p Availability: 8100 lbs 3000 lbs Cost: $1.20/lb $1.40/lb The Regular brand: Each pack must contain at least 4 oz of sharp cheddar cheese. The Premium brand: Each pack may contain at most 10 oz of mild cheddar cheese. Decision Variables: Objective Function: Constraints:
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2 Q2 Spicy Spice Company needs your help in deciding the optimal production quantities for A and B. Selling prices of A and B are $3/bottle and $3.50/bottle respectively. The company uses two ingredients-H1, and H2-to produce two varieties of seasonings-A and B. Recipe: One bottle of A requires 4 oz of H1, 2 oz of H2. One bottle of B requires 1 oz of H1, 5 oz of H2. The purchasing department estimates that 116 oz of H1 are available at $0.05/oz and 500 oz of H2 are available at $0.40/oz. Demand for A<=100, Demand for B<=52. SHOW YOUR WORK here and enter the answers below.
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09 QM Quiz2 Sample Qs for final - Quiz 2 Sample...

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