09 spring QM syllabus

09 spring QM syllabus - The College of Business...

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1 The College of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh Quantitative Methods: BUSQOM0050, SPRING 2009 L ECTURES : 2400 SENSQ, T UESDAYS AND THURSDAYS S ECTION I: 11:00 AM 11:50 AM ;S ECTION II : 12:30 PM 1:20 PM R ECITATIONS F RIDAYS 8 AM -3 PM : SENSQ( TILL J AN 30 TH ) P OSVAR H ALL C OMPUTER LAB ( BEGINNING F EB 6 TH ). Instructor : Dr. GG Hegde, 348 Mervis Hall, email: [email protected] Office Hrs : walk-in, 2506 SENSQ : Tue & Thurs 10:30AM-11:00AM; Thurs 1:30PM-. . by appointment, any day: 348 Mervis Hall Objective : We will first discuss the methodologies for designing business systems and for predicting the consequences of decisions. We will then study methodologies for choosing the best from the opportunity baskets. Specifically, methodologies for optimization include decision theory, linear programming and integer programming, and methodologies for prediction include simulation and applied probability theory. Problems considered in the course include product mixing and blending, personnel assignment, portfolio selection, advertising budget allocation, performance evaluation of healthcare organizations, and queuing. Not only is the course designed to develop the skills and insights for dealing with such problems, but also it is designed to develop an analytical, problem-solving approach for dealing with a wide range of complex problems. Using software to solve these problems is an integral part of the course. Pedagogy : We will utilize: Lectures and lecture notes, software demonstrations and hands – on computer exercises, problem solving sessions/recitations. In addition to introducing you to several quantitative tools and techniques to analyzing business problems, the course provides a framework for modeling and communicating in a succinct way. As such, the learning approach in this course is not just “ here is the formulae, plug-in the numbers”, rather “ here is an unstructured business problem, tell me how do you model, analyze, suggest action plans.”
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2 Pre-requisite: STAT 1100 or equivalent Computers and Excel Competency Requirement : We will use Excel and an Excel add on -Solver. In particular, we will make extensive use of computer for simulation and
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09 spring QM syllabus - The College of Business...

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