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Do we ever persist? What are some options for how we might do so, and what are some reasons to accept or doubt each opition? Finally, what’s the most intelligent way of handing this issue? Do we persist? Yes, if just what we’re talking about really is quantitative and not qualitative. Answer the question of ‘do we survive death’ –is the person who wakes up in heaven after you die the same person who died on earth? We must study the question of personal identity to answer this question. Questions of personal idenity at a time and over time are all related: Mental (thoughts, memories, emotions, perceptions) and physical body Bundle theory says this is all that makes up your body Soul Theory says the soul is the subject of all the person’s experiences and is simple and indivisible and stays with you forever. (bundle theory denies this) HUME “(human beings) are nothing but a bundle or collection of different perceptions” Continuity of body- baseball thrown from pitcher-catcher’s glove. We are one body that
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