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Philosophy Exam3

Philosophy Exam3 - Philosophy Exam#3 A Vegitarian Reasoning...

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Philosophy Exam #3 A. Vegitarian Reasoning: a. ‘difference in species means that their happiness/suffering doesn’t matter as much as yours does’ b. our treatment of animals is motivated by speciesism; speciesism is morally wrong, so our teatment of animals is morally wrong. i. Kill animals for taste ii. Support factory farms to cut costs iii. Skin/fur iv. Entertainment- double standard v. Experiments- again double standard vi. CONCLUSION: the decision to weigh our interests more heavily is based on consideration of species alone. Pain/pleasure is taken to matter more if felt by a human than if felt by an animal. c. Martians treat us the way we treat aniamls because average human isn’t as smart as average martian; super monkey- if advanced primate were to develop would we still slaughter them like we slaughter
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cows?; human sub-species- treat the ‘lesser’ species like we treat animals? B. Emotivism: a. ‘hurrah/boo’ theory- judgements are expressions of emotion, no moral facts, “x is good/bad” b.
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