Case study - Chapter 11

Case study - Chapter 11 - Scenario Denise Nance is the...

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Scenario Denise Nance is the director of the Computer Center/ User Assistance (CCUA) department of a large manufacturing company in the rural Southeast. Last year’s revenue was $ 23.5 million. Profit was in line with expectations. Recently, a serious problem has developed in her division. A growing percentage of her employees have left the company in the past year, which has affected unit productivity and costs. While turnover in her department has always been a problem, things appear to have gotten out of hand. Until now, turnover had run around 20 percent per year for lower division staff personnel and 15 percent per year for middle division employees. However, in the past three months, CCUA has lost five data processors (50 percent of the total) and six (75 per-cent) computer analysts. Previously, Ms. Nance had no policy regarding exit interviews or turnover control, but informal discussions with the individuals who have left have led to the hypothesis that many employees leave because they feel they are underpaid. To complicate matters, Ms. Nance’s supervisor, Julie Linquist, the vice president in charge of technical
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Case study - Chapter 11 - Scenario Denise Nance is the...

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