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Recruitment - Take Home Assignment Total participation points - 10 You should type your answers and do the assignment individually. Assignment is due on 02/9/2010. I. Develop a recruiting campaign for the situation below. List any assumption you make when choosing your recruitment strategy. Specifically, answer the following questions: i. Who are the qualified candidates for each situation, that is what knowledge, skills and abilities should they possess? ii. What will be your recruitment strategy? Will your sources of applicants be internal, external, or both? iii. Why is your recruiting plan appropriate and cost effective? A women’s clothing store chain needs to fill two middle management positions at its headquarters. The HR director realizes that all the current middle managers are white males. [4 points] II. Find one example of a company employing non-traditional and innovative ways of recruiting applicants. Discuss briefly the advantages and disadvantages of the
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Unformatted text preview: recruitment strategy. Also mention the source from where you gather information (company website, other internet sites or publication information). Some examples include: CISCO ( ). Also see page 137 of your textbook Online Recruiting Gets Personal which cites the example of the Dutch accounting firm Berk opening a virtual office in Second Life. [3 points] III. Bring to class one classified and display ad from the Sundays help-wanted ads (any newspaper). Identify an ad which is well-written in terms of giving information to potential applicants (well-written job description; TDRs) and also specifying job specifications (KSAOs). After choosing the ad, list 3 reasons why you think the ad is effective. [3 points]...
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