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Unformatted text preview: REFERENCES 641 Conference , pages 29–48, 2003. In proceedings [1786]. Online available at http:// ~ clergue/siteCV/publi/eurogp_03.pdf [accessed 2007-12-01] . [549] Michael Defoin Platel, S´ ebastien V´ erel, Manuel Clergue, and Philippe Collard. From royal road to epistatic road for variable length evolution algorithm. In Evolution Artificielle, 6th International Conference , pages 3–14, 2003. doi: 10.1007/b96080 . In proceedings [1283]. Online available at and ~ verel/publi/ea03-fromRRtoER.pdf [accessed 2007-12-01] . [550] Marcel Dekker. Introduction to Set Theory . CRC, revised, and expanded, third edition, June 22, 1999. ISBN: 0-8247-7915-0 . [551] Tina Dell’Armi, Wolfgang Faber, Giuseppe Ielpa, Nicola Leone, and Gerald Pfeifer. Aggregate functions in disjunctive logic programming semantics, complexity, and implementation in dlv. In Proceedings of the 18th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2003 , pages 847–852, 2003. Online available at and publications/%5BDellArmi2003%5D.pdf [accessed 2007-09-12] . In proceedings [844]. [552] J. L. Denenbourg, S. Goss, G. Nicolis, H. Bersini, and R. Dagonnier, editors. ECAL- 93 Self organisation and life: from simple rules to global complexity, Proceedings of the Second European Conference on Artificial Life , May 24–26, 1993, Bruxelles, Belgium. Free University of Brussels. [553] Jean-Louis Deneubourg and Simon Goss. Collective patterns and decision-making. Ethology, Ecology & Evolution , 1(4):295–311, December 1989. [554] Jean-Louis Deneubourg, Jacques M. Pasteels, and J. C. Verhaeghe. Probabilistic behaviour in ants: a strategy of errors? Journal of Theoretical Biology , 105(2):259– 271, 1983. doi: 10.1016/S0022-5193(83)80007-1 . Online available at http://dx.doi. org/10.1016/S0022-5193(83)80007-1 [accessed 2008-03-27] . [555] Berna Dengiz, Fulya Altiparmak, and Alice E. Smith. Local search genetic algo- rithm for optimal design of reliable networks. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation , 1(3):179–188, September 1997. Online available at http://citeseer. and ~ aesmith/ publications/journal/ieeeec.pdf [accessed 2008-08-01] . [556] Luc Devroye. Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation . Springer-Verlag, New York, 1986. ISBN: 0-3879-6305-7 , 3-5409-6305-7 . Online available at http://cg. ~ luc/rnbookindex.html [accessed 2007-07-05] . [557] Patrik D’Haeseleer. Context preserving crossover in genetic programming. In Pro- ceedings of the 1994 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence , volume 1, pages 256–261, 1994. In proceedings [1411]. Online available at http://citeseer....
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