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Unformatted text preview: REFERENCES 661 national Conference on Artificial Intelligence , volume 3789/2005 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) , November 14–18, 2005, Monterrey, M´ exico. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. ISBN: 3-5402-9896-7 , 978-3-54029-896-0 . doi: 10.1007/11579427 . [784] D. Gelperin and B. Hetzel. The growth of software testing. Communications of the ACM , 31:687–695, 1988. ISSN: 0001-0782. Online available at 10.1145/62959.62965 [accessed 2007-09-15] . [785] Stuart Geman, Elie Bienenstock, and Ren´ e Doursat. Neural networks and the bias/- variance dilemma. Neural Computation , 4(1):1–58, 1992. ISSN: 0899-7667. [786] Mitsuo Gen and Runwei Chen. Genetic Algorithms (Engineering Design and Au- tomation) . Wiley Series in Engineering Design and Automation. John Wiley and Sons Ltd, February 2001. ISBN: 978-0-47131-531-5 . [787] Mitsuo Gen and Runwei Cheng. Genetic Algorithms and Engineering Design . Wiley- Interscience, January 7, 1997. ISBN: 0-4711-2741-8 , 978-0-47112-741-3 . Partly online available at [accessed 2008-04-01] . [788] Michael R. Genesereth, editor. Proceedings of the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, AAAI , August 22–26, 1983, Washington, DC, USA. AAAI Press. ISBN: 0-2625-1052-9 . See [accessed 2007-09-06] . [789] Ingrid Gerdes, Klaus Klawonn, and Rudolf Kruse. Evolution¨ are Algorithmen . Friedrich Vieweg & Sohn Verlag / GWV Fachverlage GmbH (Springer Sci- ence+Business Media), Wiesbaden, Germany, July 2004. ISBN: 3-5280-5570-7 . [790] Brian P. Gerkey, Sebastian Thrun, and Geoff Gordon. Parallel stochastic hill-climbing with small teams. In Lynne E. Parker, Frank E. Schneider, and Alan C. Schultz, editors, Proceedings from the 2005 International Workshop on Multi-Robot Systems , volume III of Multi-Robot Systems: From Swarms to Intelligent Automata , pages 65–77. Springer, 2005. ISBN: 978-1-40203-388-9 . Presented at 2005 International Workshop on Multi-Robot Systems. L.E.Parker et al. Online available at http:// ~ ggordon/gerkey-thrun-gordon.parish.pdf [accessed 2007-08-18] . [791] Hannes Geyer, Peter Ulbig, and Siegfried Schulz. Encapsulated evolution strategies for the determination of group contribution model parameters in order to predict thermodynamic properties. In PPSN V: Proceedings of the 5th International Confer- ence on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature , pages 978–987, 1998. In proceedings [624]. [792] Hannes Geyer, Peter Ulbig, and Siegfried Schulz. Use of evolutionary algorithms for the calculation of group contribution parameters in order to predict thermodynamic properties – part 2: Encapsulated evolution strategies. Computers and Chemical Engineering , 23(7):955–973, July 1, 1999. doi: 10.1016/S0098-1354(99)00270-7 ....
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