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Unformatted text preview: Compilers and Compiler Generators an introduction with C++ © P.D. Terry, Rhodes University, 1996 [email protected] This is a set of Postcript ® files of the text of my book "Compilers and Compiler Generators - an introduction with C++", published in 1997 by International Thomson Computer Press. The original edition is now out of print, and the copyright has reverted to me. The book is also available in other formats. The latest versions of the distribution and details of how to download up-to-date compressed versions of the text and its supporting software and courseware can be found at http://www.scifac.ru.ac.za/compilers/ The text of the book is Copyright © PD Terry. Although you are free to make use of the material for academic purposes, the material may not be redistributed without my knowledge or permission. File List The 18 chapters of the book are filed as chap01.ps through chap18.ps The 4 appendices to the book are filed as appa.ps through appd.ps The original appendix A of the book is filed as appa0.ps The contents of the book is filed as contents.ps The preface of the book is filed as preface.ps An index for the book is filed as index.ps. Currently (January 2000) the page numbers refer to an A4 version in PCL ® format available at http://www.scifac.ru.ac.za/compilers/longpcl.zip. However, software tools like GhostView may be used to search the files for specific text. The bibliography for the book is filed as biblio.ps Change List 18-October-1999 - Pre-release 12-November-1999 - First official on-line release 16-January-2000 - First release of Postscript version (incorporates minor corrections to chapter 12) Compilers and Compiler Generators © P.D. Terry, 2000 PREFACE This book has been written to support a practically oriented course in programming language translation for senior undergraduates in Computer Science. More specifically, it is aimed at students who are probably quite competent in the art of imperative programming (for example, in C ++ , Pascal, or Modula-2), but whose mathematics may be a little weak; students who require only a solid introduction to the subject, so as to provide them with insight into areas of language design and implementation, rather than a deluge of theory which they will probably never use again; students who will enjoy fairly extensive case studies of translators for the sorts of languages with which they are most familiar; students who need to be made aware of compiler writing tools, and to come to appreciate and know how to use them. It will hopefully also appeal to a certain class of hobbyist who wishes to know more about how translators work. The reader is expected to have a good knowledge of programming in an imperative language and, preferably, a knowledge of data structures. The book is practically oriented, and the reader who cannot read and write code will have difficulty following quite a lot of the discussion. However, it is difficult to imagine that students taking courses in compiler construction will not have that sort of...
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pdfvers - Compilers and Compiler Generators an introduction...

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